Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, and Sheepdog Knife and Gun (SDK&G)
proudly announce:


The production of our first batch of Sheepdog M-1911 .45 pistols!


-Equal to any $4,000 custom M-1911 pistol, and we are selling the first batch for $1,995 each.  

    (Dealer price available. After we start getting sales we will definitely be increasing the price!  If you ever wanted a beautiful, hand-crafted, high-end 1911 for a bargain price, this is your opportunity!)  


-These are also the last of the famed Detonics 1911’s.  Instant collectors items!  

    (SDK&G purchased the last 70 slides and frames from Detonics, and master gunsmith Jon Grossman (AGI & Hojutsu black belt) has Lovingly Handcrafted each pistol.


-Each gun comes with:


    -SDK&G’s patented “enhanced slide pulls” and “micro-front sight.


    -A test-fire target, signed by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and Jon Grossman (both black belts in Hojutsu, martial art of the firearm) certifying the accuracy and performance of each gun. 


    -A signed copy of Control: Exposing the Truth About Guns, a New York Times bestselling book, co-authored by Glenn Beck and Lt. Col. Dave Grossman. 


    Plus: a tactical carrying case, two tested and tuned magazines, and a unique velcro “Sheepdog Knife and Gun” patch only available with this gun! or 618-566-4682. 

All major credit cards accepted.

SDKG pic-2.jpg